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Our Story

Who we are and how we started

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The journey so far

We would like to think we have had an exciting journey so far.

When our founder Emily was growing up, she understood that her Father and Brother were ‘different’.

Why did they feel so uncomfortable in new situations, with new people and doing different things?

Soon later, her Mum told her that they were autistic. For a long time, this word didn’t mean much to her.

During her time at University, she developed an interest in understanding what autism was, and how it affected people like her Dad and Brother.

She soon learnt that her Brother and Father weren’t alone, especially in their struggles to find employment.

After doing research during her time at University, she learnt that over 60% of all autistic adults in the UK were unemployed.

This represented a staggering 500,000 people, with lots of talent, skills, and a collective desire to get a job.

These people had 2.8 million relatives between them, who were just like her.

This, as well as her interest in social enterprise meant she had a passion to help, in any way she could, which was when Stack was born.

Our Story - Our first logo
Our very first logo


Autism and accessibility

After doing a lot of research, she discovered that accessibility was a key problem facing autistic people, which meant that many autistic individuals were missing out on opportunities to get into sustainable employment.

Traditional recruitment methods just weren’t favourable to the autistic way of thinking and doing, and often meant many autistic candidates felt pressurised, anxious and uncomfortable. Employers were therefore missing out on diverse talent.

Following this, she decided to widen my research, and got into contact with employers to understand their perspectives.

Why were employers not hiring these talented individuals? Employers told me that they didn’t understand ‘invisible' disabilities and didn’t know where to find support.

Our Story
Stack Recruitment - Our Story

Stack Today

Stack is here to help solve these problems and help make Britain’s workforce and corporate landscape more diverse, inclusive and accessible to all.

We operate as a non profit, specialised recruitment agency.

This means we exist to create an impact, and support our beneficiary group in any way we can.

Through the creation of innovative, accessible recruitment methods, we match talented autistic individuals to jobs, and support both the individual and employer to make decisions that are right for them, whilst aiding communication and fostering relationships.

This, in total, means more autistic individuals are getting into sustainable employment, and employers are able to utilise talent and benefit from what diversity offers.

Its early days, but its working, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

Our Story
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