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Our Mission

How we plan to make workforces more neurodiverse

Our Mission

Currently, over 60% of all autistic adults are unemployed. We aim to change this.

Our mission is to support autistic job-seekers to gain meaningful employment with inclusive employers.

This means, we want individuals to find employment which they enjoy, are passionate about and with opportunities to progress their career, with employers that understand autism.

Our Belief

Here at Stack, we believe that everyone has potential, and should be able to utilise it and build a career they love.

However, we've learnt that traditional recruitment methods just aren’t accessible to autistic individuals, which often means autistic adults miss out on opportunities compared to their neuro-typical counterparts.

When speaking to employers, many don’t understand how to support a candidate or employee with an ‘invisible disability’ such as autism, as it is often hard to distinguish what the right support is for that individual.

We’re going to change that. As a social enterprise, our primary mission is to create impact, and empower autistic adults all around the UK.

We want to create a workforce that celebrates and experiences the incredible benefits that autistic employees bring to the workforce, and remove the stigmas and stereotypes associated with autism.

Our Mission In Action

We realise that this is something that cannot be solved overnight.

However, we believe in the power of movements, and taking steps, whether small or large, to create a positive future for autistic individuals in the UK.

Since launching Stack, we have supported many people into permanent employment with inclusive employers.

We work with individuals on a one-to-one basis and support their individual needs, helping build confidence, identify their strengths and realise their potential, while also working with the best employers to develop their understanding through our lived experiences.

This in turn, means we can support some of the 60% of autistic individuals unemployed and change their lives for the better.



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